Struggling accountants and professionals in Australia often question about the salaries of their field in the market. Reliable accountants Australia is going to provide you with a detailed guide about the salaries of accountants in different states of Australia. This article is your way to go while you are searching for the answers of frequently asked questions regarding average accountant salary in Australia. The most frequently asked questions are answered as follows:

What is the average salary of an accountant in Australia?

 According to various surveys and journals of Australia, the average pay of an accountant in Australia lies between AUD 55,000 and AUD 120,000 per year. But one thing should be kept in mind that this figure can vary depending on different states, experience of the accountant, job requirements and qualification of the person. If you’re looking to hire an Accountant for yourself in Australia then contact us.

How much does a senior accountant earn in Australia?

As senior accountants in Australia have more experience and are highly qualified as compare to the junior accountants in the market, their salary is also higher than them. In Australia, senior accountant salaries can range from AUD 80,000 to AUD 150,000 per year.

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What is the salary package of a senior accountant in Sydney and Melbourne?

A senior accountant in Sydney and Melbourne earns more as compare to other cities of Australia. Due to higher cost of living and developed industry setup in Sydney and Melbourne, accountants are paid more and provided with better compensation packages by Reliable Accountants Australia.

What is the salary range for graduate accountants in Australia?

Graduate accountant salaries in Australia typically start around AUD 45,000 to AUD 60,000 per year. Reliable accountants Australia provide the best possible package in the market in every state of Australia along with several other facilities for their accountants in Australia. For an accountant in Perth hire from us.

What factors influence accountant salaries in Australia?

There are various factors which can influence the salary of an accountant in Australia. These include qualification of the accountant, experience level, company size, industry value, location and working hours. Reliable accountants Australia provide with the best salary package even if you are new in industry and want to flourish in the field.

How geographical location can change salary of an accountant in Australia?

The main states of Australia like Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne offer the higher salary package due to higher cost of living in these states. Whereas, the regional areas offer lower salaries as the cost of living is less there. Reliable accountants Australia makes sure that you get enough to have a good life style and make some savings as well.

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How do accountant salaries in Australia compare to other professions?

If we compare different professions regarding the salary packages, we always find out that accountant is financially rewarding profession. Specifically, if you get yourself associated with Reliable accountants Australia, a better life style is promised.

Do accountants in Australia receive additional benefits and compensations?

Reliable accountants Australia provides with compensation packages, health packages and additional benefits for its accountants. Different benefits include performance based bonuses, health insurance, retirement plan, flexible work arrangements and other opportunities promising a better life style.

How does the average accountant salary in Australia compare to other countries?

Australia is a developed country and is quite competitive in every field when we compare it to other countries. Being economically stable and with high demand of skilled accountants, Australia provides with best salary packages for accountants in Australia. Reliable accountants Australia is a known accounting firm in Australia and we offer best packages throughout the country.

How much do accountants earn in different Australian cities?

Different cities offer different packages according to the cost of living there. Reliable accountants Australia offer the best packages and higher salary in Sydney and Melbourne. In other cities like Perth or Adelaide, the salary package is a little lower as cost of living is less there. The overall average salary of an accountant lies between AUD 55,000 and AUD 120,000 per year. We provide the accounting services in Gold Coast.

Are there opportunities for accountants to increase their earning potential in Australia?

There are several opportunities for accountants in Australia to enhance their earning potential. Acquiring various certificates, professional development courses and specialized skills in different areas open the door to success for them. Different leadership positions such as finance controller and manager lead to increased compensation packages.

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 How does industry specialization impact accountant salaries?

There are different industry specializations in accounting, including finance, consultancy and banking. Specializing in particular industry increase your chances of higher salary and more packages. Reliable accountants Australia deal with every field and provides the best possible packages. Accountants having expertise in any particular industry are paid more than the other accountants in Australia.

Do accountants working in public practice earn differently compared to those in industry?

 The accountants in Australia associated with specific firms such as Reliable accountants Australia have different salary packages than the accountants working in industry. Accounting firm like Reliable accountants Australia offer more comprehensive packages for their accountants as compare to market. These things should be kept in mind while opting for your job.

Can accountants earn additional income through freelance or consulting work?

Different freelancing projects with various clients not only help you financially but also helps to increase your experience in the market. Moreover, there is flexibility of working hours and a potential for earning more. Reliable accountants Australia help you engage with different clients and also make you up to date for working in the market.


By having an outlook on average salary of an accountant in Australia and the struggles associated with it, it is important to select a trustworthy accounting firm in Australia for a better experience and good salary package. Reliable accountants Australia is the ultimate answer if you are looking for a reputable firm to be a part of. We offer the best salary packages and highest number of compensation packages and benefits along with the best training in Australia.